Managing roles in cross-functional teams

24 Feb

“A project is unique in that it is not a routine operation, but a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal.”

For some of these operations to be complete the project team often has to include people who don’t usually work together.Sometimes it includes people from all levels of an organization,different departments, sectors and even members from outside an organization.These teams are often referred to as cross functional teams.

The most Important role of cross functional teams is the leader. The leadership must be strong but has to strike a balance between controlling the team(to ensure unity) and leaving experts take the lead.Often Experts may know how to tackle a problem better than the leader.
The leader must ensure everyone knows their role and objective.This helps to focus the team and give them a clear goal to work towards.A team charter can be drawn up so team members know what is expected of them and includes the basic standards for working together.
The leader must also be aware of the stage of group developement(Storming,norming, forming etc) so that they can help the group through the process.They must also create a safe environment where everyone feels like they can contribute their thoughts and ideas.

To sum up “By providing adequate support in overcoming team formation issues, recognizing the talents and contributions of each individual, establishing open and honest communication within the team and the organization, you provide the foundation for cross-functional team success.”



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