Role of MIS in Improving decision making

24 Feb

The role of MIS in a business is very important. This is because a majority of operations in an organization revolve around decisions made by the management and other key stakeholders in the organization. In order for decision to be made adequately, it is vital for there to be a good  information system since decisions are based on information available. There are lots of advantages to the MIS to businesses some include

  • Improves personal efficiency
  • Expedites problem solving(speed up the progress of problems solving in an organization)
  • Facilitates interpersonal communication
  • promotes learning or training
  • Increases organizational control
  • Generates new evidence in support of a decision
  • Creates a competitive advantage over competition
  • Encourages exploration and discovery on the part of the decision maker
  • Reveals new approaches to thinking about the problem space
  • Helps automate the Managerial processes.

with thes advantages comes disadvantages to the MIS,

  • The dynamic nature of MIS makes it difficult for some organizations to keep up with the principles, strategies, propositions or even ideas.
  • Different situations call for different decisions to be made. This poses challenges to MIS theorists since some MIS tend to not be adaptable
  • The institutionalization, programming, monitoring and evaluating MIS requires a lot of expertise—something which numerous organizations lack.
  • The running of MIS programs tends to be relatively costly for some organization, especially small ones who are not well-endowed financially.

The MIS is a key tothe success of companies and without them it would be hard for a company to make positive decisions to make the company grow. To maximise the success of the MIS each company shouldhave their MIS tailored to suit their needs.



O’Brien, James A (2005) Introduction to Information systems


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