Using IS for decision making

24 Feb

The use of DSS in management decision making

A DSS is an interactive computer base system. Decision Support System can aid managers in decision making without much programing effort, it is used to collect relevant data without rewriting the underlying MIS software application.

DSS allows managers in mapping out searching, retrieving and analysing decision relevant data. It allows more informed and educated decisions. DSS varies in scope and it can be used in many forms and in different ways, so it is of great importance for managers to understand that DSS can take many categories and make use of specific requirements.

One very important aspect of a DSS system is that they provide the information that is used in the decision making process. And more specifically the quality of the information, here are some factors that can be found in good quality information:

  • timeliness,
  • relevant,
  • accurateness,
  • consistency,
  • unbiased,

Sometimes information can be and often is misinterpreted, and this can lead to inaccurate conclusions, which at the same time affect the decision making process.

Next post I will talk about the many categories of Decision Support Systems.


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