Using IS for decision Making – Businesses that use IS for decision making

24 Feb

As we have seen in previous Blogs within our group, Information systems have been used in many organizations to improve decision making and the overall efficiency, functionality and profitability of these organizations/businesses.

I will now take a look at 2 businesses in particular that have proven that increased use of Information Systems (IS) does aid in the decision making process and improves the overall performance of the organization.

The first such example is I-BrokerGhana is used primarily as a means to monitor goings on and investments in the Ghana stock exchange, used primarily by investors. This website is a free online trading platform designed to help the investors keep up to date with their  investments and how they are doing.

The way in which this business in particular has used IS successfully to improve decision making is fairly evident – it has allowed investors to check and manage directly their shares online in a free and simple, step by step process. Visit the pay itself for more details on the services it offers to its clients including i-track and i-trade, two very useful tools for monitoring portfolios and also selling and buying shares instantly online (Reference 1).

Another company that uses IS for decision making is in fact an organization that provides Human resource systems software to other companies. People Inc supplies very competent HR systems for personnel management, recruitment management and training administration, employee self service and time and attendance.

This personnel software management system allows businesses to manage all their human resource department needs including job definitions, records of salaries, holiday allowances and bookings, absence, bonuses, benefits, maternity leave and sickness. Can be used to decide who indeed can avail of absence or maternity leave etc at any give time for a business.

Again, PeopleInc website is available online for anyone who wishes to look at what exactly the business does in detail, but this is another very good example of how IS can be used for decision making in businesses.


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