25 Feb

The internet is a revolutionary resource which has changed the world in it’s entirety. It has changed the ease of communication but has also transposed areas of the the business world to a new way of  processing.

What is e-commerce? E-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services on the internet.

The development of the internet has made this facility available.

E-commerce supports two business processes :

1. Business to consumer (B2C)

Businesses will set up an on-line page at which their customers can shop and add items to    their cart which they can later check out and purchase. The page is set up for the customer and so the interface should be attractive and should be easy for the customer to navigate. Below is an example of the process a consumer will go through on-line when making a purchase.

2. Business to business (B2B)

Usually for integrated supply chain purchases and deliveries. Set up to make the supply chain within a process, related to different businesses easier and more efficient.

These processes have revolutionised the industry. Since the use of e-commerce the marketing industry has also transformed as it was no longer restricted to just newspapers and television. Advertising can be found on almost every webpage interface.

Information systems play a vital role in e-commerce. From the database in which the information is input by the customer, to the processing and later maintenance of that information to deliver the consumer exactly what has been purchased.  Fundamentally what needs to be in place is a web-based customer service strategy which also allows effiency and effectiveness when the information is sent to be processed.

  1. Kim, D. & Solomon, M., 2010. Fundamentals of Inormation Systems Security. Sudbury : Jones and Bartlett Learning.

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