Failure in IS- Keys to success

25 Feb

”Information systems projects frequently fail. Depending upon which academic study you read, the failure rate of large projects is reported as being between 50%-80%”

According to this article there are three keys to project success:

  • Top Management Support
  • A Sound Methodology
  •  Solid technical leadership by someone who has successfully completed a similar project

Top management:

Top management support is a a critical factor to project success. Without the full commitment of top management support, when problems arise the project will collapse. Management personnel need to be aware that all projects will suffer serious setbacks and this is why they need to be fully prepared.

A Sound Methodology:

Many information systems are developed with very little thought process. When teams gather enough information they begin coding. This lack of attention to process can kill the system. Large amounts of code need to be edited, as it does not meet user requirements the first time around. This will significantly increase the chances of the project being a success.

Technical Leadership

An essential element of a software system is a technical lead. The technical lead must be the one in control of the ‘architecture’ of the project. This level of control must be acknowledged by all members of the group who are taking part in the project.

Let me know what ye think of these ideas.


One Response to “Failure in IS- Keys to success”

  1. sad111413042 March 3, 2013 at 11:23 pm #

    Will definitely come back to read this again during study month 🙂 Love how it’s condensed down so don’t have to go searching for the information! Keep up the great work 🙂

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