Flowcharts: Simple and Effective to Use..

25 Feb

There are many different advantages and disadvantages to Flowcharts and DFD’s

FLOWCHARTS- Visual Representation, Organisation and Flexibility and Control are three major advantages of flowcharts.

Visual Representation

A flowchart is said to provide a visual representation of a concept or theory and uses ways to displaying information in a bid to make it clear. In many ways, a flowchart serves as a scheme for the information you  are presenting. Presentations are often conceptual, but a flowchart helps to  organize and present your thoughts. Talking about a subject without offering  graphics may be less effective. For example, if you are presenting a plan to  reorganize a sales department, a flowchart can clearly show your ideas for the  new department hierarchy and the timeline for the restructuring. Without having to flick through pages and pages of information, you have the information clearly presented on one page and you can quickly dissect it.


Flowcharts help keep a project organized. In the initial stages of any project,  it can be difficult to keep things together. A flowchart will help you identify  and manage key components of your project and avoid missing any elements. For  example, computer programmers frequently use flowcharts to identify the  individual steps of a program and avoid missing key factors, regardless of its complexity

Flexibility and Control

A flowchart is relatively easy to prepare. A simple pencil and paper will do the trick, or there are software programs that will help you create a professional  looking flowchart. Flowcharts are flexible and can be extremely complex or  simple, depending on your needs. Also, they can change and evolve as your  project develops and grows. The bottom line is that you’re in control, and the method of charting is up to you.

Flowcharts are an extremely effective method of displaying information. They are fantastic for work flow management and they constantly improve!




flow-chart1 (1)


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  1. sad111360051 February 25, 2013 at 6:02 pm #

    WOWZA. now that is something you don’t see everyday! so simple, yet effective!

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