The value of Information

25 Feb


Hey there fellow bloggers, I hope you find todays post interesting and fun. In my search to define what exactly information is? I came across this simple game that explains it very well in and enjoyable way.



Gather in a group and follow the instructions.

  1. Name anything that is not information and write down your ideas on this index card. Each student will pass his or her ideas to the student on their right. The student receiving the card will tell the class weather or not they agree with assessment.
  2. Select one item from this list of words. Explain why the item is not information. For example:


Parking ticket    baby’s footprint               calendar

Skeleton               college catalogue             transcripts

Ring                       greeting cards                   floppy disk

Dust                       term paper                         motorcycle


  1. You have been given and object or a group of objects. Please make a list of information that the object might supply.
  2. 4.       Make a list of twenty things you consider to be information. Group one will record its “Top Ten” on the calk board. Each of the other groups will fill in or add to group until the list is entirely exhausted.
  3. 5.       Please write one sentence of information. We will merge all statements into one that the class can agree on as a universal statement.
  4. 6.       Take the role of a forensic scientist for example: The job of a forensic scientist involves collecting physical evidence and applying a variety of known and sometimes unknown variables to the evidence to determine the importance of the evidence to an event.        Choose one item from the collection provided by the instructor. With a partner, list as many different pieces of information as you can get from the item. The information may be physically present, inferred, or implied. For example, use a piece of antique jewellery. List the following:

Physical characterists- style

Creator or designer – known? Unknown?

Age of piece – vintage? Antique? Modern?

Gemstone – What kind? How many?


What other information is also present, inferred or implied?– For example from a broken piece of antique jewellery, you can see that it is of a certain size , shape and style. You should be able to name the kind of jewel it is, a ring or a broach?

And you might infer what king of gem it is, the age of the piece and its value?

Precious metals – platinum? Gold? Sterling?

Broken- what part of the piece is damaged?


I beleive in a small group this would be great way how to decipher what’s information and what’s data, as more often than not people struggle to grasp this concept which makes it even more difficult to understand THE VALUE OF INFORMATION !!






Teaching information literacy: 50 standard-based excercisesfor college students.





2 Responses to “The value of Information”

  1. sad112759089 February 26, 2013 at 1:50 pm #

    Great way to make information some what interesting!

  2. sad111408872 March 9, 2013 at 10:52 pm #

    good idea in which to help make information gathering interesting

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