Its not just business

26 Feb

When people think of flowcharts they usually think of making a system or businessmen all sitting around discussing a system they desire/need. Well this is not the case. As I discussed in my last blog flowcharts are advantageous as they make sure no part of the system is left out or forgotten about and it makes it alot easier for planning purposes. One group of people who take advantage of the flowchart system are authors as the planning allows them to make sure their on track with the work they don’t leave anything out and for complicated books where the reader themselves makes the choices i.e go left turn to page 10 turn right go to page 37, this can be all overwhelming for an author without a solid system to give him some sort of backup. An example of a flowchart in one of these books is as follows, Flowchart,

This novel is extremely complex and would be very hard to complete without the aid of a flowchart as the author would surely get lost among all his thoughts and ideas, showing again the strength of flowcharts.



One Response to “Its not just business”

  1. sad109566511 March 2, 2013 at 2:48 pm #

    Very informative,the way you explain it will be really helpful in April when we are studying

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