System development Life Cycle : Maintenance

26 Feb

Hi Guys, 🙂

I’m finally on the last stage: Maintenance, I will then move on and start discussing other aspects of the System Development Life Cycle in IS.

This phase occurs once the system is in operation, the aim of this phase is to monitor system performance and rectify any bugs.

There are two main reasons why maintenance is carried out on the system, 1. To correct any software errors that has occurred. 2. To improve the software’s capabilities in response to the changing needs of the business. The users will be more familiar with the system after using it and may request changes or request additional features in the system, these changes will take place in this stage. Hardware and software are changing at a very fast pace so the system will have to adapt to these changes.

There comes a point when the total cost of maintenance exceeds that of the system. The business then look to create a new system and the cycle begins all over again.

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Reference :Introduction to Systems Analysis and Design

One Response to “System development Life Cycle : Maintenance”

  1. sad111346901 March 5, 2013 at 3:43 pm #

    I’ve been following your blogs and i really liked how you laid them out and took each stage and explained them by them self instead of putting it altogether.. I think this will be really helpful for the exam thanks 🙂

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