The V model advantages,disadvantages and usage

26 Feb

Advantages of V-model

The advantage of the v- model is that it is simple and easy to use also it has higher chance of succeeding over the waterfall model as planning and test designing happen well before coding which saves a lot of time. In the v model you are more likely to find defects also in an early stage. The v model is ideal for small projects where the requirements are easily understood.

The problem with the v-model is that it is very rigid and not at all flexible. Software is developed in the implementation phase, so no early prototypes of the software are produced. Also if anything should happen midway then the test documents along with requirement documents have to be updated.

When to use the V-model

  • The V-shaped model should be used for small to medium sized projects where requirements are clearly defined and fixed.

High confidence of customer is required for choosing the V-Shaped model approach. Since, no prototypes are produced, there is a very high risk involved in meeting customer requirements.


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