Agile programming

27 Feb

Today I am going to talk about the agile software development as a trend in information system. I am going to focus more on the agile software development methodology known as SCRUM. Firstly lets look at a diagram relating to Scrum.


Scrum is an agile software development framework for managing software projects and product or application development. It can be used for any project but it is well suited to software because its requirements are often rapidly changing. Scrum models allow projects to progress via a series of iterations called agile sprints. It is an incremental development meaning that it keeps on adding on new information. Scrum is a team project. There is no overall leader who decides who does what task but the team are self organising and will solve problems they are faced with as a team. The scrum team is cross-functional so that everyone necessary to take a feature from idea to implementation is involved.

Scrum projects make progress in a series of sprints, which are timeboxed iterations for a specific period of time. At the start team members commit to delivering some number of features that were listed on the project’s scrum product backlog.This is an aspect of Scrum as it is good in planning ahead and the techniques used are excellent. At the end of the sprint the team demonstrates the new functionality to the product owner and other interested stakeholders who provide feedback that could influence the next sprint. This results in quick feedback which is a major advantage to the methodology of Scrum.


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