Team Roles in IS Projects

27 Feb

Role played by the Systems Analyst

One of the key requirements of the systems analyst is to define and prioritise the user’s requirements. To do this they first approach the user in order to find out what they want from the system. They use different data gathering techniques such as interviews, observations, and surveys when doing this. They then must pass on this information to the developers, before they do this they must transform it into a form which the developers can use. This is vital as it ensures the developers build a system which satisfies the user’s requirements. Effectively they act as a middle man between the developers and the stakeholders.

They often perform feasibility studies and cost analysis before the developers begin to ensure the project is cost effective.

They continue to communicate with the stakeholders throughout the production stage, this is vital as it flags up any changes in systems requirements. This can save a lot of time and money. They then pass these changes onto the developers.

Apart from making theses recommendations the systems analyst is not involved in the actual production of any hardware or software.

After the system has been developed it is the role of the analyst to perform tests on the system and after these have been completed they are responsible for deploying the system.



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