Information Systems as a main course!!

28 Feb

Information systems the main course to any five star meal !

Information systems are concerned with data capture, storage, analysis and retrieval. In the context the food sector and food safety management they are vital to assist decision making in a short time frame, potentially allowing decisions to be made and practices to be implemented in real time. Databases hold information on numerous items of various descriptions such as identification of pathogens, characteristics of foods and processes, supply chains etc. and these are all managed my an information system. Computer software packages a key component of any information system aid the practical application of HACCP and risk assessment to bring logical sequences to establishing and modifying food safety management practices. This particularly key in a sector such as this, a mishap or misjudgement could have harsh side effects. In addition there are many other uses of information systems that benefit food safety more globally, including: rapid communication of information on foodborne disease outbreaks through websites of many sources, including the press and interest groups, on the reasons for and consequences of foodborne disease incidents. Food supply chain management also makes use of information systems to organise and take full efficient advantage of the resources in order to get their products where they want, when they want and by the correct personnel.
National Health Programs recognize that a safe and nutritious food supply is a major contributory factor to the health of a country’s citizens and that there is a need to maintain a reputation nationally and internationally as a supplier of safe food products. Programs that ensure safe and nutritious food are receiving renewed attention in many countries and major food safety initiatives are being launched on an international scale thanks to information systems.
Food Import Management System (FIMIS) is a type of information system used by many Governments to develop things like importation policies and to guide the integration of their controls and enforcement actions. FIMIS is an authentic and reliable tool for documenting, processing and managing information related to food products. This system has optimized the prevention of consumer risk and has successfully improved the overall quality of imported foods. Furthermore, FIMIS has a built-in Online Analytical Reports (OLAP) component, which enhances decision-making processes in the food control division.

Information systems…a key part in the food sector especially when it comes to its safety. There’s just some work that should be left to a computer to manage and when dealing with the vast amount of information in this sector this is one of those times. Time is a key resource in business and is scarce at the best of times but thanks to efficient IT systems managers and key personnel have a lot more time to research, develop and implement new improvements with all this structured information at there finger tips.

A different look at information systems that I hope you enjoyed!



4 Responses to “Information Systems as a main course!!”

  1. sad111417852 March 6, 2013 at 8:15 pm #

    Interesting how you looked at it from the point of the food sector, do you think it is an essential element necessary for companies in the food sector to become successful?

    • sad111448852 March 6, 2013 at 8:26 pm #

      Thank you I’m glad enjoyed it. In my opinion yes it is essential. Without it I think the vast amount of information would be incredibly hard for humans to cope with. There would be many delays and back logs. More resources would be needed such as labour, land and capital and all this would be a massive strain on any company and the industry as a whole would suffer.
      I hope this answers your question and would be happy to answer any more of your queries.

  2. sad112540853 March 8, 2013 at 2:31 am #

    Really interesting blog and i really like the way you linked it to the food sector as i am hopefully planning on going into the food sector 😀 Excellent blog, thanks 😀

  3. sad111708665 March 8, 2013 at 5:46 pm #

    enjoyed reading this blog….good title too 🙂 reference to food sector was well written…thanks

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