Systems Analyst Challenges

28 Feb

As outlined by my group members and myself we can clearly see that the systems analyst faces a lot of challenges in his/her role in building an IS for an organization. However these challenegs are not insurmountable. Often a finished IS is well executed by the systems analyst but does not meet the specific needs of the end users and it is the systems analyst that often gets the finger pointed at by the users for this problem no matter how well constructed the IS is. The systems analyst is the person who has to meet all the eventual users of the IS and find out exactly what it is they want to get from the finished system. Challenges can start to arise here such as if users want differing functions with the IS. This can give the analyst a headache in so far as the analyst will have to disappoint one if not more end users by going with one idea over another or perhaps coming up with one solution that incorpoates parts of the ideas from all the end users. Some end users may be difficult to deal with within an organization in that it can be hard to find out what it is they want from the system because of communication problems and unwillingness to participate in the requirements gathering stage. As the systems analyst has this huge amount of responsibility and the fact that there is a huge amount of money invested in these systems such as the $400 million Ford pumped into their purhasing system, the systems analyst is usually the one that gets blamed for problems with the IS unless of course it is a simple programming error. As well as not meeting all the end users requirements, the system could also be the vistim of a cyber attack and thus the systems analyst may also come under scrutiny if the correct system security architecture was not put in place by the analyst. These are just some of the challenges the system analyst faces in their role.2198664tov5o3v8




2 Responses to “Systems Analyst Challenges”

  1. sad111351566 March 2, 2013 at 3:23 pm #

    really enjoyed reading this! i wonder though are they all of the challenges or did you just pick the ones which stood out to you most?

  2. sad112540853 March 8, 2013 at 2:34 am #

    great blog, it was really interesting to read about the difficulties that system analysts face 😀

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