The roles of teams in IS

28 Feb

Teams in information systems have an important role. They must identify the needs of the company and what they are looking to achieve with their information system before they go out and purchase a system they must ensure that it will be useful and beneficial to the company otherwise it will be a waste of finances that could have been used elsewhere. A lot of the time businesses find the information system they have purchased and installed does not meet their needs and expectations. Teams are put in place to carry out extensive research in order for this not to happen. This is largely the responsibility of the system analyst who reviews specifications, tests and documents the findings. An analyst will however have a team around them in order to carry this out in the most efficient manner. A well organised support team with clearly defined roles is important to the success of any information system. With the team carrying out extensive research into which system would be the best for the company it allows them to iron out problems before they occur. Also it enables the team to start work immediately once the system has been installed.


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  1. sad111708665 March 8, 2013 at 6:59 pm #

    …a nice, to the point, and well organised blog. thank you

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