The Advanced V-Model

1 Mar

According to Sonali Mathur and Shaily Malik Advancements in the V-Model:


Software testing and software maintenance are the most important phases of software development life cycle that go hand in hand to obtain reliable software.

The Advanced V model of testing incorporates testing and maintenance activities into the entire software development life cycle.

The model highlights the existence of different levels of testing with respect to their maintenance activities tests and depicts the way each relates to different development phase activities. The testing commences together with the initial phase of development of the project. In the requirements gathering stage the requirements are gathered, analysed, verified and validated in order to justify the project. The business requirements at the same time also guide to the acceptance testing. Once the acceptance testing is done the error free product needs to be deployed as per the satisfaction of the customer.


The Advanced V Model development process is divided into:

  • understanding of the user’s requirements,
  • performing requirements analysis, specification, designing the initial and
  • detailed outline and laying out the program specifications


System testing describes the testing of the system as a whole. Along with it it’s needed to do the security testing in order to check the systems compliance to various security threats.

In the modern era where technology is moving with the speed of light, the need to deploy security measures has increased. Thus security threats like unauthorized access, user permission grant needs to be checked at each phase of development activity and testing activity. Then once the user is satisfied after conducting the alpha and beta tests of acceptance test activity the software or the product is deployed at the customers place.





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