What is the role of a systems analyst: typical duties:

2 Mar


“System analysts may be responsible for developing cost analyses, design considerations, and implementation time-lines”. If requirement aren’t captured and documented accurately, the analyst is held accountable. A systems analyst will have many duties within a firm and here are a short few just for examples and if people would like more just leave a comment and I will add more to the blog.

Typical Duties:

1). Supervise implementation of new system – seen as the system analysts are those who maintain the systems it is vital they supervise the implementation in case problems arise.

2) Analyse existing business operations and existing information systems (computerized or not) – this is done to insure the system analysts are maintaining the systems.

3) Design new systems including process flow and security procedures etc – this is to protect my systems from encountering threats from damaging viruses.

4). Study trends in technology.

5). Study trends in business and be aware of competitors’ exploitation of technology.

6). Prepare training material for users of new system – this makes it easier for the users to understand how to work the system and it also helps employees too as they won’t run into as many complications.


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