Causes of IS Failure

3 Mar

Hey guys,

As I discussed in my first blog there is a very high percentage of Information System failures and in reality failure is a very common element in the development of an information system. In my blog today I won’t be just be focusing in the reasons that information systems fail but also how these can be avoided. Some may seem incredibly obvious but it has been proven that many of the obvious reasons are the fuel behind the failure of the entire system.

One of the main reasons of Information system failure is a simple one lack of planning. Proper planning and realistic expectations are crucial. If not enough time is put into planning the goals of the system and how it will operate then how can it be expected to succeed? The solution to this is simple more preparation. More time may be needed to be given to the simple planning of the system to ensure everyone is on the same page about the objectives of the information system. Staff must be focused and have a clear vision and objective.

Many Information system projects fail because they are very inflexible, they are so rigid that they don’t allow the business to change processes or leave leeway to adapt and adjust to new situations as quickly as possible to profit from them. To avoid the problem managers should ensure that the information is flexible and as adaptable as possible to changes which may occur suddenly.

Misunderstandings of specifications lead to badly designed information systems to prevent and minimise this, the following steps should be undertaken:


  • Walkthroughs should be performed between developers and users.
  • Meet regularly and conduct reviews.
  • Prototypes should be developed of the system at an early stage.
  • Developers should not be allowed to go away and build the system for any period of time. Reviews should be arranged to ensure they are meeting the specifications of the system



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