Advantages and Disadvantages of SDLC

3 Mar

Hey everyone πŸ˜€ as we have only two more instalments into the wonderful world of SDLC, I thought it was time to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of using the system development life-cycle.


Starting with the advantages πŸ™‚

1. Formal review is created at the end of each stage allowing maximum management control.

2. This approach creates considerable system documentation.

3. This documentation ensures that system requirements can be traced back to stated business requirements.

4. It produces many intermediate products that can be reviewed to see whether they meet the user’s needs and conform to standards. These can be further worked on if they require tweaks to be made, ensuring that the business gets exactly what it needs.

There are always disadvantages with everything…

1. What may be seen as a major problem for some, end-user does not see the solution until the system is almost complete.

2. Users get a system that meets the need as understood by the developers; this may not be what was really needed for them. There may be a loss in translation.

3. Documentation is expensive and time-consuming to create. It is also difficult to keep current. What may be current this month may not be the same this time next year!

4. Users cannot easily review intermediate products and evaluate whether a particular product (e.g., data flow diagram) meets their business requirements.

5. Another disadvantage of a program or software that follows the SDLC program is it encourages stiff implementation instead of creativity. There are requirements that must be met and that is all that developers complete.

Although both sides have been weighed up here, it is clear that the advantages are far greater than the disadvantages πŸ˜€



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