Participation – the key to team work!

3 Mar

In order to be successful all project stakeholders must constantly work with the team in developing a system. Integration often proves difficult without the active participation of all involved in the development of a system.

The responsibilities of project stakeholders:

1. Stakeholders are responsible for providing resources, including time and money to the project team.

2. They need to educate the developers about their business. Stakeholders are required to share business knowledge with the team.

3. It is necessary that stakeholders spend time to clarify requirements and be specific in the description of system requirements, as well as promptly communicating changes made to original requirements. They need to set requirement priorities.

4. Making timely decisions is a key responsibility for stakeholders in order to achieve goals.

5. Stakeholders need to respect developers’ assessment of the financial feasibility of the project.

Management of an IS team requires IT skill and knowledge. Team managers must first understand the technologies and techniques the team are using. Senior managers need to invest time to the project and learn about the things that they manage, by actively participating in development.

Production staff is required to understand both the system and the technologies it uses. Operations staff must become competent with the installation and operation of the system.

Maintenance developers also need to learn about the system. Professionals skilled in maintaining and enhancing existing systems can be recruited to take pressure off members of the development team. All team members are required to make an effort to transfer the knowledge to the new members of the team.

reference: Rights and responsibilities of project stakeholders, Scott W. Ambler, IBM.


One Response to “Participation – the key to team work!”

  1. sad111495342 March 10, 2013 at 9:27 pm #

    Really good blog. I didn’t realize the importance of stakeholders was so important! 🙂

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