Team roles in IS projects

3 Mar

Importance of communication between team members.

Effective communicating between team members is of vital importance. Firstly it is imperative that the analyst and stakeholders communicate in the beginning to make sure that all of the systems requirements are taking into account. This is crucial because if this is not done correctly in the beginning then the system’s developers will likely build a system which does not satisfy all of the stakeholder’s requirements.  It is vital that this line of communication continues during the production phase as often during the development of a project, 20%-50% of the original requirements change. If the analyst and stakeholders are in constant discussion then these changes can be taken into account. This is hugely significant if the project is to meet its requirements.

Communication between the analyst and developers is also vital as it will give the analyst a chance to monitor the development of the system and ensure that the requirements are still being catered for. It will also give the analyst the opportunity to inform the developers of any changes to the stakeholder’s requirements.  This mid development communication will also give the analyst a guideline as to when the project will be completed as well as highlighting any limitations.

Communications is also essential as it builds trust amongst the different team members. This is especially importance in teams where the different members didn’t know each other before becoming part of the team. A lack of communication here can result in conflict amongst team members, ultimately hindering the development of a project.

Teams that communicate well will also complete their projects quicker and more efficiently than teams that do not. Their work will be more accurate and the threat of repetition in their work will be removed. It also gives team members an outlet to discuss different ideas relevant to the task at hand.

It is clear therefore that effective communication amongst teams members is essential if they wish to develop a functional system on time and on budget.


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