Team roles in IS projects

3 Mar

Importance of clearly defining team roles and responsibilities.

Defining team roles and responsibilities is of vital importance to any project. It will ensure that each team member knows their role within the project and knows what responsibilities come with those roles. It will set boundaries and expectations for them.  It also allows the team leader to see which tasks are not being carried out. This is particularly important within ‘virtual’ projects.

As a result of defining team roles prior to starting the project each team member will be much more productive. This is because it will help to avoid conflict and misunderstandings amongst team members, allowing them to get on with their work. It will also help to stop power struggles between different people as they will already know which responsibilities come with each job and the power attached to these responsibilities.

Understanding the expectations placed on them will also provide support and accountability for team members.  It is proven than a greater sense of motivation, job satisfaction and team cohesiveness exists amongst workers when team roles have been defined. It will also help to eliminate confusion as the project progresses. This will untimely help to complete the project: on time, within the budget and to the necessary standard.

Also after all the responsibilities have been given out it will apparent if there are any overlaps or gaps in terms of the work being handed out. Theses can then be easily corrected. This will help to reduces costs in those instances where several people have been tasked with completed the same job. If roles had been defined then this will not have occurred, resulting in a need for a fewer workers which would ultimately save money.

It is clear therefore that when roles and responsibilities are defined the work will proceed more smoothly.


Feyerherm, A. E. & Rice, C. L: Emotional Intelligence and Team Performance

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  1. sad111495342 March 10, 2013 at 10:01 pm #

    Very concise and informative. You stressed the importance of responsibilities within team roles very well. Nice blog

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