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4 Mar

Hi again, As mentioned in my last blog, the “Spiral Model” was defined by Barry Boehm, based on experience with various refinements of the waterfall model as applied to large software projects.

There are four main phrase`s:

1.Objective setting – Specific objectives for the project phase are identified

2.Risk assessment and reduction – Key risks are identified, analyzed and information is obtained to reduce these risks

3.Development and Validation – An appropriate model is chosen for the next phase of development.

4.Planning – The project is reviewed and plans are drawn up for the next round of spiral


Generally the spiral model is intended for large, expensive and complicated projects. an example being ; The U.S. Military had adopted the spiral model for it’s “Future Combat systems program”. This project however became over complicated and elongated, with costs rising to $3 Billion!! !! .

Therefore, a more conservative and accruate cost base estimate would be normally in the region of $ 3 million

Another U.S based company example that aslo use it are Microsoft:

An example of the spiral model is the evolution of Microsoft Windows Operating system from Windows 3.1 to windows 2003. We may refer to Microsoft windows 3.1 Operating System as the first iteration in the spiral approach. The product was released and evaluated by the customers, which include the market large. After getting the feedback from customers about the windows 3.1, Microsoft planned to develop a new version of windows operating system. Windows’95 was released with the enhancement and graphical flexibility. Similarly, other versions of windows operating system were released. Source:

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