Limitations of Managament I.S in Decision Making And How Can We Help Combat It

4 Mar

Limitations of Managament I.S in Decision Making
And How Can We Help Combat It

While management information systems are widely known for their successful use in the decision process there are also many limitations to M.I.S which may result in it not achieving its full potential or working as efficiently as possible.

1.Complexity: Management Information Systems are known for their dynamic nature, while using given data to plan strategic ways of running the firm, for some organisations their nature, principles and strategies may be too hard to keep up to.
2.Lack of Adaptability: This occurs in many organisations where the MIS they are using is not able to adapt to their various needs. Different situations call for different decisions to be made and this would require MIS to become more flexible and adaptable.
3.Need for skilled workforce: MIS involves a lot of tasks such as programming, monitoring and evaluating. Because of this an organisation needs a work force who are skilled enough in these areas to be able to work with these systems. Without the correct expertise to work with MIS, which many organisations lack, systems will not work effectively and the decision making process will be badly affected.
4.Expensive: Running a successful MIS program can be quite costly. In the cases of small or start up organisations this may be an expense which they cannot afford to invest in.

How can we as IS students combat these problems when we enter the workforce?

-Monitoring: By increasing the monitoring of these MIS programs in the organisation, we/the organisation can avoid falling victim to a situation of a failed MIS system. The main reason for MIS failures is because of lack of monitoring which can have dire consequences for the organisation.

-Tailor Information: This is a technique where workers and managers alike find a way to tailor information in such a way that it will be able to fit into various decision making processes in various situations.

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Training: By introducing a training program where all new staff and current staff are regularly trained or kept up to date about changes in MIS so as to avoid becoming a firm left behind as technology advances. In this case, our study of IS will come in extremely useful when seeking employment with companies who use MIS and other forms of information systems.




2 Responses to “Limitations of Managament I.S in Decision Making And How Can We Help Combat It”

  1. sad111448852 March 6, 2013 at 8:05 pm #

    I like your blog very much good joke !!

    Do you think what we cover in our course will help us combat these issues?

  2. sad111417852 March 6, 2013 at 8:23 pm #

    Thanks! yes i do, there seems to be a growing number of commerce students deciding to major in is and even doing a masters in it. This not only shows its a growing area in business but that people are employing us because of our skills in the area.

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