CONFIG , an information system failure.

4 Mar

This post will discuss an information system failure made by the company , CompuSys.

CompuSys is a large computer company that developed an expert system , given the name CONFIG , to help its sales representatives configure products for customers. CONFIG was designed to help its sales representatives produce error-free configurations before quoting a price. Despite the support of top management and the allocation of adequate resources to develop the system , the CONFIG faces serious challenges. Some of these problems were lack of support by sales organization , software errors and an unrealistic project schedule. Although CONFIG received support for nearly 10 years , people were not using it a lot , and so the system was terminated in 1992.

The main reason for why CONFIG failed was because of its design. The design of CONFIG reflected an inaccurate understanding of its sales function. Sales representatives were not rewarded for configuring systems correctly , they were rewarded for closing sales , and using a system that made configuration more accurate was not an incentive to them. This was the sole reason for why CompuSys’ information system failed.

Although CONFIG was regarded as an excellent use of expert-system technology , it was definitely not a good business investment for CompuSys.



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