Failures during implementation of information systems.

4 Mar

Problems can arise at any stage of the project. They can happen at either pre-, during or post-implementation. I will discuss the causes of failures during the implementation stage. There are four main causes:

1. Poor communication: Communication is very important because staff and management should be aware of any changes and be able to give feedback. It is also vital that communication is received by every level of the organisation. When management are sending out messages to staff they should ensure that all these messages are clear and consistant, helping them to achieve objectives.

2. Lack of a powerful coalition: This means that the project will fail without good leadership. Their full support is needed during implementation so that the change lasts. Effective management can be the difference between success and failure.

3. Lack of change management: In the workplace change is often feared, for this reason the change needs to be managed. The organisation should have someone who can reassure the staff so that they don’t feel tempted to leave or rebel against the change.

4. Lack of short term planning: It can take years to implement a new system so the organisation would benefit from setting short term goals. By setting these goals, staff will feel motivated and focused and have a renewed faith in the success of the project.

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One Response to “Failures during implementation of information systems.”

  1. sad112567137 March 9, 2013 at 7:39 pm #

    Great blog, very interesting! are there any other reasons of failure you can think of? 🙂

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