Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)

4 Mar

Other the last few years, developments in technology have been extraordinary. The concentration of technology on HCI has been very evident. Many new important breakthroughs have been invented. Below is a video explaining the idea of HCI.

So, what is this new trend going to do for IS?

Gesture Recognition: The biggest advance in this area has been the touch screen interfaces. This new form of technology is sweeping the world. For example, the Iphone, the worlds most popular phone has a touch screen interface. This technology spreads out to laptops, tablets and many other technological devices which are used all other the world today.

Three Dimensional Graphics: Developments have been made which are now looking to possibly be used in the next ew year for help in the medical industry.

Virtual Reality: This may be an extremely big area for computer gaming to go into but it could also have a lot of potential in the business and science world. They could be used in marketing demonstrations and could also become a mojor area in virtual design. Would you like to experience your house before its even built?

Voice Recognition: This is already becoming a huge resource from large scale security to the security on mobile phones allowing no one else access to your phone but you. There have been problems related to voice recognition but devlopments are being made all the time. Voice pattern recognition must first be established.

The development of these areas will create an even more one-2-one relationship with humans and technology. Is this a good thing?

Hevner, A., Chatterjee, S., 2010. “Design Research in Information Systems”. Volume 22. New York: Springer Science=Business Media.


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    Really interesting blog 🙂

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