Online Transactions

4 Mar

Hey Guys,

Today I’m going to write about online transactions as information systems.

One of my guilty pleasures is online shopping and I’m probably not a lone here. That simple transaction of choosing your dress to adding it to your ‘cart’ to then entering your address and account information and pressing confirm is all part of the process of an information system. Think about it, the input is all the data you enter (name, address, mobile number and bank account details) the process happens which would be like taking your data and turning it into useful information for the workers to put your order together and then the output would be this lovely new dress that is posted straight to your door in just a couple of days!

For all you lads, if online shopping isn’t your thing just picture that transaction in terms of a rugby ticket rather than a dress. You go online find the match you’d like to go see enter all your details (input), your details get converted to information (process) and then that ticket is posted to you (output) and you get to go to a match if you were lucky enough to order it on time!

So guys as you can see we all use the internet to get what we want but if it wasn’t for information systems we wouldn’t be able to choose that dress that we love or go to match and have the craic. Before this module I certainly wouldn’t have considered those simple transactions to be information systems and I think I can say for all of us that before we knew more about IS we took information systems for granted but now we appreciate it much more!

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