The Waterfall Method

4 Mar

The Waterfall method outlined the series of steps that occur when building an information system. These steps usually occur in a predefined order and a review at the end of every step. When the review is complete it can move to the next stage. It involves six stages to be complete.The first stage is 

1.Planning : this is the essential step it states the activities and  the work needed to complete each activity. The objective of the project planning process is the development of a Baseline Project plan (BPP) and the Project Scope Statement (PSS).

2.Analysis phase: this involves an requirements determination it works through the details of each stage. It also studies and analyse the current system. It then defines and prioritise the user requirements. 

3.Design Phase:in this stage they decide how the system will operate. They look at things like hardware, software and user interface. There are two types of design the first is logical design: this designs forms and reports, database and interface. 

The second design is physical design: this designs physical databases, programmes  and processes and distributed system.

4.Implementation : this is to convert the final physical system into a working and reliable software. it also documents work that has been done. It provides help for current and future users. The coding, testing, installation, documentation, training and support of the new system take place in this stage.

5. Maintenance:this involves the changes made to a system to fix or enhance its functionality.


One Response to “The Waterfall Method”

  1. sad111313976 March 4, 2013 at 1:17 pm #

    is there 6 stages in the waterfall model ?

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