Using IS for Decision Making

4 Mar

Data driven DSS

Web-based DSS based on file drawer system that analyses, provides access to unstructured data and facilitates communication and decision making that is the backbone of any organisations decision making process. These are tools that are used in everyday business questions. These tools are process and methodologies that are key components for any DSS provides managers or decision makers in the organisation with comprehensive, monitoring and data analysis.

Web-based DSS Architecture,

  IS diagram    



High level decision making system requirements:

>Data collection from various sources, inventories market research, etc

>Data formatting and collation

>Suitable database location and format built for decision support-based reporting & analysis

>Robust tools and applications to report, monitor, and analyse the data

Business Intelligence

MicroStrategy is an example of a decision support system that provides companies with a unified reporting analytical and monitoring platform that forms the core of any DSS.

Supports individual and group decision making, easy to develop and deploy, comprehensive data access, integrated software & flexibility.




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