categories of failure in i.s.

5 Mar

It is quite difficult to actually have a pinpoint definition of failures in I.S. projects, but the best way to describe to describe failures in information systems is when the following may occur:

  • the project could be behind time and late or over budget.
  • there is an inability to realize the benefits it can bring
  • when it doesn’t get support from the users and management.
  • or even more simply, the system is not conducting itself the way it was designed or hoped to.

There are four main categories of I.S. failure and these have been split up into correspondence failure, process failure, expectation failure and interaction failure.

  • Correspondence Failure: This is the most common of all the category of failures. This is where the its fails to meet the design objectives. It is based on the thought that the idea will be specified in detail. An evaluation is then carried out on the info system in terms of the objectives. But when there is a lack of correspondence between the objectives and evaluation, the IS is thought to have been a failure.
  • Process Failure: Process failure can be referred to one of two types of IS failure. One of these failures is where during the development process, a functioning system cannot be made. The second is where a functioning IS is made but it has run over budget and time.
  • Interaction Failure: This is where the IS is barely used at all by the users, or it is deemed that there are some big problems with the IS, so therefore it is deemed to be a failure.
  • Expectation Failure: This is where the IS has been deemed not worthy of the stakeholder’s requirements and expectations!



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