How Information Systems Improve Quality and Market Share.

5 Mar

As seen in my previous blog, IS has become very important for business. As well as making business more efficient, Information systems also improve quality of output.

In order for quality measurement to be successful, I.S is a key factor. The implementation of Information systems allows costs to be reduced in the long run, which then makes it possible to spend more money on improving the quality of products and services to be delivered to the consumer. This is especially seen in the healthcare sector, where I.S is used to observe patients and improve the quality of care to them.

This is also seen in other types of businesses, where I.S is used to improve market share and profit. By using more efficient systems, businesses are now able to expand their market share across the globe. It allows access to new markets and new potential customers. The internet and new tools available allow access to more markets with less risk as there is no extra cost incurred for extra customers.

This also helps improve quality to customers. Advertising campaigns and promotions can be easily directed at the target market and increase income for the business.

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