I.S. Failure

5 Mar

Information systems can make the big difference between a company succeeding and helping them to function to the height of their ability or in other common situations, cost the company a huge amount of money when information system fails!

This can be proven as over half of all of I.S. projects fail. A lot of systems fail due to the fact that system analysts try to create big and brilliant systems that are really not going to work as they have not really understood the organisation. Therefore the system is already doomed to fail before the project has even begun!

Here are just some examples of the kind of money that can cost companies when their information systems fail e.g.

The UK Inland Revenue suffered a loss of $3.45 billion  tax credit overpayment due to errors in the software and in 2004 Ford Motor Co. abandoned their purchasing system after deployment costing them around $400 million.

It is amazing how much it can cost a company when it doesn’t go to plan!

I have gotten this information from here: http://cathaldoyle.com/lecture-2-what-is-an-information-system/


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