The Astonding Sequal of the Success Factors of Agile Software Development!

5 Mar


Hello IS World,

 It’s here!!! Another blog for the epicness that is the success factors of Agile Software Development. If you were really enjoying post R&G week sleep ins and missed the factors of communication and time can be found in my last blog and for those of you who are new IS worlders welcome I hope you enjoy.

 The first factor to success in Agile Software Development I am going to discuss today is Leadership. With a team of software analysts working on a project it is vital that the project has a leader. A leader that can deal with sudden change and knows the teams weaknesses and strengths. A good project needs a leader that knows both the customer’s needs and the analysts’ limitations. They can motivate and evaluate as well as compromise with both their team and the end user. By having a good leader who can communicate well the team can troubleshoot problem that would’ve otherwise crippled the project.

 The other factor to success in Agile Software Development I am going to discuss is Flexibility. It’s important that a team and a project can adapt to the end users requirements. While this is a software project that has a set function the people involved in making and designing the project are human and mistakes and miscommunications will be made. It is through adapting to these mistakes and being flexible with methods to achieve outcomes that these mistakes can be overcome.

 Well I don’t want to overpower you all with the vast amounts of extra information I could add to this blog so I’ll call it a day! I’ll post again soon most likely a continuation on this topic but I might mix it up a bit you’ll just have to wait and see. Till next time (P.S. the presentation in the link is REALLY good!)


Bye IS World!


Hewson .G.J. ,Agile Project Management , (2006) –


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