6 Mar

Where is the man in Management Information System?


Information Systems are often the key element behind the successful running of an organization helping managers in organisation as well as in the decision making process. Despite appearing to be managers best friend is it possible MIS are an employees’ worst enemy?


Here are just a few examples of how Management Information Systems could be negatively affecting the work force.


  • Unemployment: While making firms more efficient, reducing costs and ensuring smoother running operations, information systems also have their down sides to contrast this- job redundancies, downsizing and outsourcing, words were all familiar. While beneficial for the company introduction of these high end MIS can see the jobs of many middle level employees become unnecessary.
  • Privacy: This has become a more serious matter as of late due to the phone hacking scandal which saw the closure of “News of the World” newspaper. Today society is becoming more and more cautious about entering their private information into a database or over an information system. Technology is becoming faster and easier to access each day and while on the whole a convenient development it can also have negative repercussions if the wrong people come into access with it.
  • Lack of Job Security: This is an issue especially for the older bracket of the work force. With technology changing every day there’s a constant demand on employees to keep up to date and in tune with advancing technology. For many this leads to a feeling of insecurity in their jobs, fearing they will be replaced by a more technology savvy worker if they do not keep up to the pace.
  • Emergence of dominant culture: Studies have shown that as information technology advances so too does the cultures of larger countries such as the USA. These cultures end up dominating those of the smaller or weaker countries. Because of this many employees worldwide are under pressure to learn the English language, rather than their native tongue, as it becomes the dominant mode of communication in business today.


These are just a few points which look at the people behind the Information System and how it affects them. Perhaps using information systems isn’t the best decision for everyone involved.

















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