SCRUM in Action

6 Mar

Following on from a very interesting post by one of my group members about the characteristics of SCRUM and its advantages, I will now show how SCRUM can be useful in an everyday environment in solving real problems and meeting real deadlines. As my fellow group member already outlined some of the key advantages of SCRUM are its increased productivity, increased vision of progress and reduced risk which would sound good to anyone.

SCRUM development enables teams to complete projects at a faster rate while still maintaining a high standard of quality. This type of development allows the team undertaking a project to have it near completion in approximately 30 days. This is achieved through meetings on a daily basis with constant reports of progress in various areas. Customers want their information systems completed quickly and on budget. It is actually quite common for neither of these aims to be achieved as 30-40% of all information systems fail and this costs the US $100bn per year.

SCRUM helps to take projects from the complex and anarchy stages and bring them down to the more simple level as is shown in the diagram below. This can be the achilles heel of many projects as the group members who are doing it try to make it more complicated than it actually is. This has led to many projects failing and costing companies millions.

Many companies have paid a very high price for not planning their projects out properly and rechecking them as the projects progresses. Also, when a project is being undertaken by one or two people, This can mean that their is a very narrow-minded approach to it which will mean that it wont be completed to a very high standard. This is why the SCRUM method is preferred as it delivers a high quality final product.



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