System Analyst Job Description

6 Mar

For my fifth post, I managed to get the job description of a systems analyst in a large multinational pharmaceutical company in Ireland. Some of the primary deliverables expected of the role included the following:

  • Involvement in the creation and delivery of the site IT roadmap – which encompasses all aspects of the GMS IT roadmap and the site master plan.
  • Adherence to EHS KPIs
  • Adherence to all quality related KPIs (L1 audits, change control, CAPA, SOPs, PER etc.)
  • Critical systems Uptime
  • Technical Support for local IT systems
  • Liaise with cross functional teams to ensure appropriate contingency and business continuity plans are in place and in use.
  • Maintain appropriate compliance status of all owned systems through the full system lifecycle
  • Administration on the relevant systems
  • Provide training on relevant systems
  • Creation, maintenance and adherence to appropriate SLAs
  • Liaise with above site and 3rd parties to ensure appropriate systems support
  • Liaise with project teams to ensure controlled handover of new systems into local support
  • Take ownership of and accountability for the Business Partnership process with the relevant Value Streams.
  • Support of stand-by rota to ensure appropriate 24*7 support

From this we can see that the systems analyst has a lot of responsibilities and roles within this organisation. The systems analyst will first have to become involved and familiar with the current IT infrastructure on the site and learn the way things are done on site. Like with many jobs nowadays, the systems analyst will have to adhere to the health and safety standards and to the quality related key performance indicators as set out by the reporting line manager who is the information systems manager in this case. The systems analyst must ensure that the system is not encountering any faults and is live at all times. The systems analyst must also provide support for the IT systems that are already on site, which is one of their major roles. To ensure that the IT systems are future proof and that maintain the companies competitive advantage , the systems analyst must be in constant communication with cross functional teams to see what changes or upgrades will need to be made in the near future. Throughout the system lifecycle, the system can change alot and the systems analyst has to ensure that the system fully complies with the set out terms and regulations at all times. The systems analyst has to provide training to all end users of the system as they will not know how to use the system at the start. The users have to be given step by step instructions as to how the system operates and what data is to be inputed. If users are not clear on how to use the system they may end up not using it all and this will result in a huge financial loss to the company. The systems analyst has to create, maintain and adhere to all appropriate service level agreements. The systems also has to engage with many different groups in the orgamisation to ensure that they are given appropriate support at all times.

The Job Description also lists out the following:

Interpersonal skills that are required within the role:

  • Listen to the team members and engage with all members to develop solutions.
  • Be able to articulate to key stakeholders on IT strategy, issues, projects and solutions.
  • Be able to interact with customers at site to ensure excellent customer service.
  • Be able to interact with above site groups and 3rd parties which will allow us to deliver appropriate cost-effective solutions.

Problem solving skills that are required within the role:

  • Provide detailed IT solutions to resolve issues.
  • Develop different solutions to resolve a problem – understanding the benefits and challenges that each solution presents.
  • Ensure that all solutions delivered are economical and will not add excessively to the operations costs of the business.
  • Focus on re-use of existing knowledge and best practice in use elsewhere in GSK through the development of relationships across the business

The job description also has other requirements such as adherence to company wide behaviours and people management responsibilites that are needed as part of the systems analysts role. This job description shows the ampunt of tasks that the systems analyst must carry out within a multinational organization in todays world. From coming up with a solution to an IT system problem to giving to support senior executives and other users of the system to ensuring the compliance status of the systems. The roles are wide ranging. The job description shows how a high calibre candidate is needed in order to do the job well.



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