Systems Analyst: People Skills

6 Mar

In general systems analysts require good people skills in order to successfully carry out their projects. Unlike regular computer programmers who spend many isolated hours compiling code systems analysts require good verbal, listening and communication skills in order to deal with clients. There is a strong need to build an effective relationship with the client so as a combined vision is created.

A lack of basic people skills will probably result in disaster for any Information System. A major problem may be that a client is not entirely sure what they want and the IT jargon used leaves them bewildered. An inability to get the information they need from the customer can cause some analysts to become frustrated and angry at their customers. People skills are required for other reasons too. Sometimes clients can be reluctant to give out certain information and its up to the analyst to figure out why or to coax them in to releasing the information. An analyst must be discreet as this information may be sensitive. Maybe the client/employee is used to working a certain way and does not want things to change, or perhaps its some sort of ego issue. The analyst must find a way to get this information without destroying their relationship. A straightforward blank aggressive “give it to me” approach probably will not work in most cases and so people skills are required.

A final use of people skills by a systems analyst is through negotiation. An analyst must negotiate a firm consensus on the exact requirements of all customers and stakeholders. By setting out this plan they avoid having to compile an extra workload or go over budget on projects. This skill can also be used to clarify a number of outstanding issues or to avoid various misinterpretations.


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