Team roles in IS projects

6 Mar

The various team roles in a SDLC and the responsibilities that come with them.

Initiation: this is the start of the SDLC, here a sponsor who has already identified a need or opportunity is tasked with creating a concept proposal for their idea.

System Concept Development: here the idea is developed further and the scope of the project is defined. This results in the production of the; systems boundary document, risk management plan, cost benefit analysis and feasibility study.

Requirements Analysis: This role goes to the systems analyst. Here they must analysis the user’s needs and develop the systems requirements which they then must then pass onto the designers. They do this through the production of a detailed functional requirements document.

Design: Here the systems designers transform the data presented to them by the analysts into a systems design document focusing on how the required functionality can be delivered.

Implementation: Here the physical system specifications are converted into a working and reliable solution. This is followed by testing before the system is finally implemented. For the testing, a new testing environment is created where all the components are brought together. A fully installed system is the key deliverable here.

Maintenance: this phase occurs once the system is operational. Here the maintenance department are tasked with monitoring the system performance and rectify any bugs. They also must make any requested changes.



One Response to “Team roles in IS projects”

  1. sad111495342 March 10, 2013 at 9:37 pm #

    I agree that these phases SDLC of very important. I didn’t realize the amount of responsibility of certain team members for each phase. Nice blog!

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