Information Systems in Digital

7 Mar

Business perspective on information systems:

• Information system is an instrument for creating value
• Investments in information technology will result in superior returns such as the following;
• Productivity increases
• Revenue increases
• Superior long-term strategic positioning

Information systems perspective on transforming business

• Increase in wireless technology use eg. Web sites
• Shifts in media and advertising
• New challenges in security and accounting laws
• Globalization opportunities
• Internet has drastically reduced costs of operating on global scale
• Presents both challenges and opportunities
• Businesses can operate 24/7, more convenient for consumers

Firms are increasingly becoming digital … and this digitalization seems to be powered by information systems

In the emerging, fully digital firm …..

• Significant business relationships are digitally enabled and mediated
• Core business processes are accomplished through digital networks
• Key corporate assets are managed digitally
• Digital firms offer greater flexibility in organization and management
• Time shifting, space shifting

So what is the DIGITAL FIRM?
A firm which uses information systems to become networked and decentralized and to digitalize their business processes and foster innovation and creativity.

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One Response to “Information Systems in Digital”

  1. sad112540853 March 8, 2013 at 2:59 am #

    really interesting blog and i like the way you took it from a business perspective 😀

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