Decomposing Data Flow Diagrams…

7 Mar

In this blog I will break down Data Flow Diagrams to try and gain a better understanding of how the system works.

  • DFD’s deals with problems by allowing more detailed assessments of the high level processes.
  • This is achieved by breaking up each process into as many sub-processes as believed to be necessary.
  • Any process on a DFD may be broken down into several sub-processes which, when observed collectively, make up that process
  • The decomposition of a DFD into lower level DFDs is known as levelling
  • The DFD that shows the entire system is known as the top level.
  • The DFDs that contain more in thorough views of the level 1 process make up level 2 DFDs
  • Any level 2 process that is further decomposed gives rise to a level 3 DFD and it continues.



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