Information System Failure Factors (Pre-implementation)

7 Mar

There are a numerous amount of reasons for I.S failure and theres quite a few in particular in the pre-implementation stages. Here i will give some examples:

Lack of Research, Risk Management and long term commitment:

Information systems are getting more and more complex in terms of their costs and required functions. Its no longer sufficient to assume that one can completly manage the project without prior research, training or sufficient expertise.

Risks of budget over runs and delays must be fully researched and managed prior to iniation of the project.

Lack of User Buy-in and Ownership:

The users must be convinced that the new system would lead to better work practice. Developers often make assumptions on behalf of the end users withut consulting them.

The “acceptability” of Failures:

Even if the project fails, the management teams and vendors seem to only “melt away”¬† into the backgroub=nd and regroup again for next project.

Inappropiate use of Technology:

Technology is a tool and nothing more. Technology cannot exist and solve problems on its own, nor can it increase productivity or profit without the right work processes in place.


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