Systems Analyst: Feasibility Studies

7 Mar

An important role of the systems analyst is the feasibility study. A feasibility study is simply the analysis and evaluation of what a project can potentially deliver and if it’s financially worthwhile. The study tends to be based on in depth research of  of the proposal. The aim is to determine quickly,at a reasonable cost, if the problem can be solved and if it is worth solving. Minor bugs may not be worth the investment to be solved. On the other hand technological constraints may prevent the solution of more major difficulties and are unfortunately,unachievable. There is quite a degree of skill involved in conducting feasibility studies. An analyst cannot compromise quality over cost or vice versa. Lack of a feasibility study will result in disaster and will either end up wasting company funds or not solve the problem at all. It is a major risk to not undertake a feasibility study


Developing a new system is like an investment. As with any investment there is a risk of failure. Therefore in terms of an IS it makes sense to investigate the likelihood of success. The success of any system depends on the skill of the analyst involved and that success is easier to determine with a thorough feasibility study. The point of the feasibility study is to determine, at a reasonable cost, if the problem is worth solving. Thus the cost of the feasibility study should represent a tiny fraction of the estimated cost of developing and implementing  the system,generally less than ten percent of the scope. Assuming that a feasible solution exists, the analyst must prepare a feasibility study report that identifies several alternatives and recommends a course of action. A good systems analyst should be able to come up with several solutions to any problem that presents itself.



3 Responses to “Systems Analyst: Feasibility Studies”

  1. sad112540853 March 8, 2013 at 12:36 am #

    it sounds like system analysts really need to know system as they have to come up with a few recommendations for a system if they feel its worth while to go through with updating a system or implementing a new system 😀 Really interesting blog 😀

  2. sad111708665 March 8, 2013 at 1:29 am #

    … i was unsure as to what a feasibility study is, and your blog helped me to understand…cheers for that 🙂 Interesting stuff…

  3. sad111351131 March 10, 2013 at 1:31 pm #

    Very well written blog. Systems analyst have to, especially in the modern day business environment, conduct these feasibilty tests, without them it could as you said result in hundreds of millions of dollars of losses like what happened with Ford and Hewlett Packard. This is a key aspect to the role of a systems analyst. You said at the end on how a good systems analyst should be able to come up with several solutions for a problem. I think your absolutely right, its really important to have a plan B and C as well as plan A so as to ensure the feasibilty of each one can then be compared and contrasted with one and other.

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