Advantages of an information system

8 Mar

Information systems have many benefits for businesses. Possibly the biggest benefit of an information system is their ability to provide users in a business with the tools to complete any task with ease and efficiently. An information system provides the data about each users tasks in a format best suited to that user and the way in which the task should be completed. An information system can adapted or be modified to meet requirements of tasks. Digging information out of a paper record system would take much longer than having the information your looking for presented to you on a computer screen. An example would be a sales person having all his records displayed so that they can straight away indicate what customers want and don’t want. This information can also be straight way transformed in to graph so that the information can be presented to managers. This information can automatically be linked to previous sales figures so businesses can see how they are preforming currently compared to previous sales periods.

information systems can be very important to manufacturing lines as well. for example, if a production line stops a real-time information system can quickly determine if the shutdown is a result of a mechanical failure, lack of product or some other cause. The benefit of immediate data being converted to useful information presented to people who can act on it could save a company millions in there production line.

2 Responses to “Advantages of an information system”

  1. sad111708665 March 8, 2013 at 5:08 pm #

    ….this is a good, concise blog. thanks

  2. sad111448852 March 9, 2013 at 12:28 am #

    I taught both your blogs of advantages and disadvantages were very informing and complimented each other well.

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