Information System Failure Factors (Post Implementation)

8 Mar

Alot like my most recent post, there are a numerous reasons for I.S failures and in this post i will give the factors in the post implementation stages. Here are some examples:

Declaring victory too soon:

The maximum benefit of a system does not show itself straight after the implementation stage, there tends to be more technical support needed in the initial stage. Adequate resources are actually needed to ensure that the system continues to have adequate support and development as further fine-tuning issues are identified during its use. Iteration is an essential part of software and I.S development.

Failure to learn from previous mistakes:

With every informtion system implementation, there are lessons to be learnt. Mistakes made need to be analysed and the experiences of the mistakes need to be shared. Despite the wealth of knowledge gathered by the researchers, the same mistakes seem to re-occur. One explanation for this could be that the empirical evidence gathered has not yet reached those who work in the industry,


These are just two examples of why systems fail in the post implementation stage and some may say they could just be down to human error.


One Response to “Information System Failure Factors (Post Implementation)”

  1. sad111708665 March 8, 2013 at 12:04 pm #

    Failure to learn from previous mistakes is certainly an excellent point 🙂

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