Key Advantage of the Spiral Model

8 Mar

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The Spiral Life Cycle Model is one of the most flexible SDLC models in place. It is suitable for high risk projects, where businee needs may be unstable. In short, Risk Management can be built into the procees making it one of the most attractive models to use.
The paragraph below thus illustrates

The spiral model is a realistic approach to the development of large-scale systems

and software. Because software evolves as the process progresses, the developer and

customer better understand and react to risks at each evolutionary level. The spiral model

uses prototyping as a risk reduction mechanism but, more important, enables the developer

to apply the prototyping approach at any stage in the evolution of the product. It

maintains the systematic stepwise approach suggested by the classic life cycle but incorporates

it into an iterative framework that more realistically reflects the real world. The

spiral model demands a direct consideration of technical risks at all stages of the project

and, if properly applied, should reduce risks before they become problematic.

But like other paradigms, the spiral model is not a panacea. It may be difficult to

convince customers (particularly in contract situations) that the evolutionary approach

is controllable. It demands considerable risk assessment expertise and relies on this

expertise for success. If a major risk is not uncovered and managed, problems will

undoubtedly occur. Finally, the model has not been used as widely as the linear

sequential or prototyping paradigms. It will take a number of years before efficacy of

this important paradigm can be determined with absolute certainty
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