Adaption is the Key to Success!

9 Mar

In this blog I will outline the basic concepts of Adaptive Software Development  which will hopefully give more people a greater understanding of this particular method of software development.

Adaptive Software Development(ASD) is another form of software development that falls under the Agile category of developing systems. This particular method of software development was developed from the rapid application development method. To put it in more basic terms, ASD aims to create software at a high pace and to constantly evolve software systems. This results in software systems being created that are modern in design and are completed at a fast rate which will keep customers satisfied.

The main focus of ASD is on the computer code which means that no software is developed beforehand as a template because it will more than likely need to be changed further down the line and this process can be carried out by coders who simply change the computer code.

The diagram below illustrates the three main processes that take place during ASD. There are 3 processes inthe diagram below and each one is as important as the others because if one process is wrong, then so will the other two.

  1. The first of the stages is speculation. This stage provides the foundations for the project. Here coders try to breakdown the software that is required by the users. User rports of the software guide this stage of the project.
  2. The second stage is collaboration which involves each developer coming together and solidifying their individual work and trying to combine all of it together in order to satisfy the end user. .
  3. The final stage is learning which simply means that the latest software is released to the user and they can test it out. User and bug reports are received and the cycle repeats itself

The development cycle in ASD is very short so this means that new updated software can be released in a short space of time. The cycle never ends which means that the software is consistently being updated and improved which can only satisfy the user.



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  1. sad111310996 March 9, 2013 at 5:21 pm #

    great blog loads of information

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