Causes of failure in IS

9 Mar

In this blog I will talk about the causes of failure during the implementation of IS! The various causes are as follows:

  • Poor Communications: Communication is vital during the implementation stage. it needs to be done via different media in order to ensure that it reaches all levels of the organisation. It helps provide the vision of the project, and helps provide any feedback that staff may have and any unintended consequences that may  have happened due to the changes. Unfortunately communications don’t always go as smooth and therefore, can lead to failure.
  • Lack of a powerful guiding coalition: Leadership is very important during change, especially line management. Full support from the top leaders and stakeholders helps the chances of success occuring. Everyone needs to work  together in order for the change to be beneficial!
  • Lack of change management: For the project to go well it needs to be organised, coordinated and funded properly and this is down to the project management. Management of change within the group is very important. Individuals who can motivate and inspire their peers and fellow workers are essential in this aspect.
  • Lack of short term wins: Implementation can take months sometimes years to be implemented so its good to set up short term goals such as every 6 months for example. This is good for motivation as they can take each goal as it comes and when one is completed, they can re motivate themselves for the next goal! If this method was used more the projects could become more successful!

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  1. sad111417672 March 9, 2013 at 11:08 pm #

    Useful info 🙂

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