Differences Between Flowcharts and DFD’s

9 Mar

There are many differences between flowcharts and DFD’s.

1. A flow chart details the processes to follow, whereas a Data Flow Diagram details the flow of data through a system

2. On a flow chart processes are shown one at a time, whereas with a Data Flow Diagram the processes operate at the same time.

3. Processes on flowcharts are part of a single program with consistent timing, whereas processes on a Data Flow Diagram can have dramatically different timing, eg. daily, weekly. etc.

4. A flow chart describes the program being used, whereas a data flow diagram determines the flow of data, eg. between subroutines, or between other different programs.

5. There are 2 types of Data Flow Diagram’s, logical and physical, whereas there are 4 different types of flowcharts: systems flowchart, deployment flowchart, top-down flowchart and logic flowchart.



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